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Since its invention spotting scope (telescope) has played a major role for the brave and courageous men: travelers, sailors and commanders. And nowadays this great device is a true symbol of the strong and purposeful personalities. Despite the current widespread use of binoculars, telescopes have not lost their value - they just moved into a slightly different category. In any case the modern telescope - is a gift that will unspeakably please any man. It is so easy to feel a great military leader and explorer of the past with just one majestic movement having put the telescope to your eye.

Who may need a spotting scope?

Spotting scope has been designed for observation of distant objects and can be used by:

  • tourists,
  • hunters,
  • sports enthusiasts,
  • scientists, etc.

It doesn’t matter whether you like observing nature or use it for hunting, spotting scope of the new generation will be able to meet even the requirements of the picky customers.

How do new spotting scopes differ from the old ones?

The development of science and technology has influenced much both the production and quality of the optical equipment spotting scopes haven’t been an exception. In the manufacture of the considered magnifying device high-quality multi-coated optics for a bright and sharp image is currently used. Spyglass of the new generation is characterized by its adaptability and functional properties, which you can get acquainted below.

What are the advantageous properties of spotting scopes?

Nowadays this is one of the most popular devices for surveillance due to the benefits it can offer its owner:

  • lightweight,
  • compact,
  • easy to handle and care,
  • combined with excellent optical qualities,
  • night-vision function,
  • video recording,
  • use of smartphone’s application for video streaming.

It is worth noting that spotting scope can be used not only for the observation but also for taking pictures of distant objects serving as the camera.

How to choose the spotting scope?

It is not an easy task to find a scope which will satisfy all your needs. If you plan to use an optical device for monitoring objects that are at a relatively short distance, but require a large viewing angle, it is recommended to give preference to those device that have variable magnification. The gradual increase allows observing objects located nearby, gradually switching to more distant ones.

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