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Cross Country Mountain Bike Rules


General Rules:

5 riders make a class, classes can be combined if less than 5 are racing.

Racing age, your age as of 12/31 of the current year.

Riders are responsible for riding a safe operating bike with working breaks, and must be a registered racer with a current number to race.

A helmet must be worn at all times when on your bike, practice & racing.

Support of food & drinks can be taken anywhere from anyone on the course, racers and support people taking /giving food or drinks can not interfere with the progress of the other racers on course.

Must finish on the same bike that you started the race with.

Racers may accept help from fellow competing racers when on course, with parts & repairs etcÖ Racers may also use neutral support when provided at an event.

Racers riding bikes have the right of way over racers walking or pushing their bikes. All racers must yield the right of way to bike riding racers. Racers can not interfere as they may push or carry a bike to finish a race.

Announcing to overtaking riders is the normal, ("on your Left, or your right"). The passing rider is responsible for passing safely. Lapped riders must yield at first reasonable area on the course when being overtaken.

Racers must follow all course markings, no short cutting of corners or sections of the course. If you knock down any course markings you are required to repair markings so as not to send other racers off course.

Please report any infractions you see to event officials or staff, please try to get offending racers # or other information if you can. Remember itís just a bike race! Letís just keep things in prospective and most of all have Fun!



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