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5 Reasons Why Your Mobile Users Might Hate Your Mobile App.

Youíve built your e-commerce iOS or Android app (if not yet, read here how to build Shopify iOS app within minutes), submitted it to the store, got it approved and now itís not moving anywhere. Here is 5 reasons why your mobile app is not doing well.

1. Reviews Beggar

Every time a user opens your app or trying to accomplish something, you ask for a review or like the app on social media. Users hate it to be interrupted when they are trying to do something within the app. Imagine that they wanted to purchase something and now they are distracted by your message and in order to leave a review for your app, they have to leave it and navigate to the application store. That is a big hassle. Positive reviews are important, but flawless and excellent user experience is not less important. So if your app is begging for likes and reviews, it might be the reason why it is still not an app with 5-star review.

2. Wrong Use of Push Notifications

Although push notifications are super important to help retention, you have to use it wisely. Donít irritate users with constant push notifications, otherwise they will decide either to get rid of the app or simply will turn off the push notifications. Both options are not the best case scenario, as from that moment you will not be able to reach out to your user with an important information or notification. If employ push notifications, customize your messages and always analyse your users reaction to further adjust your strategy and notify them about the things they are interested to know, but not just annoy them. EasyMobile will also help you with this, covering the push notification feature and allowing insight into your notification campaigns stats.

3. Takes Ages to Load

Users just hate slow and freezing apps. According to Business Insider Study, here is the top reasons why users delete a mobile app from their smartphone and write a negative review: - Freezing - 76% - Crashing - 71% - Poor and slow responsiveness - 59% - Battery hogging - 55% - Too many ads - 53%. If your mobile app is likely to have one of the issues from the list above, you should immediately address this, otherwise your app is at risk to be removed from a smartphone forever. Optimizing your app is a key, especially if it works in the background.

4. Difficult Interface

Sophisticated menus, unique app navigation and unusual buttons can be wonderful, provided that it doesnít challenge users too much. There is universal design elements and flows that are incorporated into most of Android and iOS mobile app. These are menu popout, navigation back and forward. Try to find 5-star apps in the stores that combine sophisticated interfaces and universal design elements - it will be harder than you think. Keep it simple and intuitively clear for the users to navigate through the app and find the things they want.

5. Intrusive Advertising

Try to avoid too intrusive advertising. Especially itís relevant for full-screen video ads with heavy graphics. According to Business Insider survey, what users hate most about mobile ads is when they are redirected to an advertiserís site when they tried to close an ad. Itís not that you cannot use ads in your app, especially if itís your monetization model, but just make sure you test how it works and that it doesnít spoil user experience entirely, leaving them no chance to skip an ad. Probably users are not big fans of your in-app ads. So the best option is to listen to their desired preference and give them multiple options to choose from, and along with that provide value with the ads you display them.


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